Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347) Greek philosopher. Sunshine



Our Preschool program utilizes an innovative strategy smallprek1of grouping children into "pods" by age. We offer three Preschool pod programs: Sunshine Kids for our three year olds, Clover Club for our four year olds and Rainbow Dreamers for our younger five year olds.

Within each pod children rotate between teachers and classrooms as they study Spanish and Music, Art, Stories and Science and Dance encompassing tap, ballet and tumbling. Our maximum class size is 10 children with one teacher, a floating assistant and a Preschool supervisor.

Our students can arrive at school as early as 7:30 am and stay until 6:00 pm at no additional cost. Also included in our tuition is a daily healthy, hot lunch. Education continues year round with our Summer Program. At Miss Helen's our Preschool children are involved in fun and engaging activites where the learning never stops.

Sunshine Kids

Sunshine Kids is Miss Helen's program for 3 year old children. smallprek2Many of our children have their first school experience in this pod. All are taught developmentally appropriate skills and are nurtured with care. These children actively engage with their teachers in all of the subject areas. There is a strong focus on language and verbal development and gross motor skills are enhanced through dance and music. The Sunshine Kids program utilizes art, computer and math manipulatives to develop fine motor skills as well. In Sunshine Kids we are planting the seeds for tomorrow's students.

Clover Club

Our four year olds continue to improve their basic skills in Clover Club. Here the expectations are increased and both fine motor and gross motor skills are strengthened. The pre-writing curriculum begins. The phonics program is intensified and stronger math opportunities are provided. In Clover Club we accentuate their gifts and independence.

Rainbow Dreamers

prekRainbow Dreamers is the perfect place for students 5 years of age who have missed the cut-off date to enter Kindergarten. It is also an excellent program for those children who need another year of maturity for academic success. This pod uses a kindergarten cirriculum which provides a strong phonics, reading, math, language and music foundation. The handwriting program begun in Clover Club continues through this pod. We meet the needs of the student ready for the academics, but provide the time for maturity. In Rainbow Dreamers we provide a year of successful preparation for a challenging Kindergarten year.

Summer Program

Throughout the summer session classes continue with academics, but add summer themed activites. Water play is provided one day a week throughout the hot summer months for some extra fun. Special lessons such as swimming and gymnastics are also available during the summer session at an additional charge. Learn More

Laughing Classroom

Learning and laughter go hand in hand, and always have. Every young child can readily demonstrate the capacity to thoroughly enjoy learning even the most mundane skills. The explanation for this natural phenomenon is that kids bring unlimited playfulness and creativity to any task, transforming what might be a boring activity into one that is filled with quips, songs, goofiness, wonder, delight and even awe.
by Diana Loomans and Karen Kolburg